Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life is a Drama...But I am never giving up...

Wow, its been days I never update my blog(No one gonna read it aso..><). So yeah new update here...

Bz with stuff recently, a gathering event which was cancelled, a 5 hour training schedule for my college performance, and few new games to entertain(Some old..haha..)

Got to finish off Dead Space 2 Singleplayer in 9 hours or something, awesome yet scary storyline..Wanted to replay it, but lazy and I wanted to try something new haha..

Fuu~~ Check my matriks application, turns out like what I expected, I didnt got the chance to study there, so much active in Koko and having high positions...Thank goodness I was provided a great college education now by my parents(Though I have to pay the fees when i work XD) and did not waste so much time as I could graduated earlier..I dont need to tell u all who were the ones who got it( Sensitive ><)..

But as far as I can say, people who should deserve it since they worked so hard to get great results, always ended up with nothing, cause that certain superior factions will be the main priority till now....So for those who worked hard and get awesome results but did not get through, dont give up and continue with your hardwork, cause I believe we will be rewarded at the end...^^

"Though you were cold to me, I didnt not give up on you now my dear...As I was rushing towards you, another glittering hope appeared in me..That "hope" brought me much more love and care towards me than you did...A different personality, black and white style, I am now split into choices for whom should I choose..The "person" or that new and motivating "hope" that I found...If I dont choose now, I will have to lose both of you and left myself alone again..."

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