Saturday, June 4, 2011

I say Hello, Then Goodbye, its gone Forever..

If you are reading this update right now, GRATZ!!! You just wasted 13 mins of ur life reading this and trying to understand..I hope u can gain something or not...I kinda get confused on my own texts these days...Not really into blogging these days since there is nothing nice to write..But I kinda promise to myself to not let this blog back to its graveyard...And everything in my life requires writing, LOTS of writing...

So yeah, this week was kinda hectic..Went back to Penang for a short trip, went to Mid Valley for a short vacation there..There was a giant Pirate Ship in the Shopping Mall where everyone was taking pictures wif it..If ur wondering whats taht about, Its actually the Pirates of the Carribean movie event...SO yeah...I took some photos there wif my Sis and we had a great time reading lots of comic books and magazines at MPH...

My feelings? Hmm..Nothing much really...But there is one theory which I felt is most related towards me...I have a feeling that I am constantly falling for the wrong girls..No, Seriously..This aint a Taliban Joke or something....Everytime I had feelings for that particular girl, she would either a)Take me as her buddy, b)Take me as her best friend c) TAke me as her teammate. Well, I know the answers are pretty just the same, the conclusion is: The girl that I am Truly, Madly, Deeply in love until I could just fall down towards her heels..Just treats me as a social or lifetime friend..Maybe its because of my attitude? Or maybe she is interested in someone else?

Man..if this keeps going on..I rather be GFL(GAy-For-Life) XD...Just Kidding..

Hmm..I am going to have an upcoming week of HELL...Assignments and events to attend or handle, with my slacking mood right now..Aint a perfect chemistry to mix with...However, I believe in myself if i just keep working hard and moving forward..I will defeat all boundaries in my task list..And maybe, I could just preoccupied myself in order to reduce her "image" in my mind.. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random update...On what I feel^^

Lol...I havent been updating my blog since a time adi...Guess i have nothing to fret about or anything to share...Well I guess its a time to share things now huh? :)

Last Saturday was a memorable one, gotta do a BBQ gathering at my friend's house..All our old school gang came back and had a very great time there..Yeah..they should be..After this gathering, everyone( I mean Everyone) will open a new chapter in their lives. Some will go to college from different states, others will tend to continue through the government's education system, and some will be going overseas. Looks like everyone going to start forgetting everyone soon..Haha..I hope not, cause for me, my chapter started earlier and yeah, the memories still remain in our hearts and the photographs that we took together. Sounded like a "The End" ? sounded more like a "To be continued" title..^^

So yeah, I am elected as the Chairperson/President of my college course...Thanks again for those who voted me and trusted me as their leader...I hope i will do my very best in order to acheive everyone's needs and dreams for this course...Which means more work for me XD...Anyway, I am liking it..As long i am not slacking or something :/

Hmm..I wouldnt wanna write anymore emo stuff or stupid love mysteries stories for now...I wonder why? Maybe its because I am too slacking or lazy to get into any situations? Or maybe I heard alot of love trouble stories from my classmates(Really awesome than those Korean Shows..JKJK)? Or maybe, I just wanna know that "person" slowly and by step by step. Haha, that "person", maybe its time for me to tell everyone about who is that "person" is? I really wanted to tell her how I feel for her, despite our time factor and not knowing her too well...I dont mind her rejecting me or not accepting me due to all the constrains...I just wanna express it all to her to show her that I actually...Have special feelings for her from the day we chatted, the day we ate lunch together and many more days we had...

Yeah yeah yeah, I know u might think that this is just my imaginary dream for her to accept me and the possibility of having a "happy ending" is 1%..I have figured that out already and I know if I do not do that, I will be left there hanging with many question marks and becoming clueless on how I feel towards her, most importantly, how she feels towards me...Yeah, I might ended up being heartbroken due to answers and stuff...But like I said, never try never know, and even if it fails, I dont mind being that "person"'s best friend cause I want her to know, that there is someone she could trust in her life...

And I tend to be that "someone" :)

Anyway, WTH i am writing all these down? NObody is gonna READ it or watever..I have to tag my loyal followers which in return..Only understand quarter of the story that i had written lol...Btw..There are no comments..><...SO much for genarating the talent of the youth...Genarate my AR*E....Thats more like it..^^..

Hey!! I am being myself for the 1st time when writing this blog...Wow...feels so great and peaceful...Haha..its good to be back to me..^^..Guess this is my trueself I have been looking for? Who knows?? :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

End of Break, Duty Calls..

Alright...Didnt update my blog for quite sometime already...So yeah...New update here!!!

So yeah...1 week of break, ended just like yesterday...Time flies fast, but we could never get over it....Great vacation in Penang, The Island of Orient..Had lots of food and fun..Too bad did not buy any presents for my friends...Reali sry haha...Maybe next time :)

Well....Nothing really personal these days...I feeling so "normal" than I used too...Maybe the break is chilling me? Well...maybe...I bet I will go all gaga and crazy when Semester 2 starts...Got to be in my A-game till the max...Basketball, positions, classes, social lives and yeah....Just wanna ace it...

Ish....Normal...What the heck...That word is so influential towards me...Sounds so "normal" to me...Nonetheless, I wanna be extra special to everyone....Taking chances and using them wisely, you know what i am saying :)....

I know today's post kinda boring...Cause i am feeling a bit lazy to express my utmost feelings, Must be that Bruno Mars' Lazy Song....Making me lazy lol....Too bad, college is starting tomolo...Gotta work up already...PLus I am getting fatter..XD..Basketball kills fat!!! Haha....

PS: To all who followed my blog, thanks for ur endless support and trust...will try to update it more often..Cause Feelings are meant to be share...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life is a Drama...But I am never giving up...

Wow, its been days I never update my blog(No one gonna read it aso..><). So yeah new update here...

Bz with stuff recently, a gathering event which was cancelled, a 5 hour training schedule for my college performance, and few new games to entertain(Some old..haha..)

Got to finish off Dead Space 2 Singleplayer in 9 hours or something, awesome yet scary storyline..Wanted to replay it, but lazy and I wanted to try something new haha..

Fuu~~ Check my matriks application, turns out like what I expected, I didnt got the chance to study there, so much active in Koko and having high positions...Thank goodness I was provided a great college education now by my parents(Though I have to pay the fees when i work XD) and did not waste so much time as I could graduated earlier..I dont need to tell u all who were the ones who got it( Sensitive ><)..

But as far as I can say, people who should deserve it since they worked so hard to get great results, always ended up with nothing, cause that certain superior factions will be the main priority till now....So for those who worked hard and get awesome results but did not get through, dont give up and continue with your hardwork, cause I believe we will be rewarded at the end...^^

"Though you were cold to me, I didnt not give up on you now my dear...As I was rushing towards you, another glittering hope appeared in me..That "hope" brought me much more love and care towards me than you did...A different personality, black and white style, I am now split into choices for whom should I choose..The "person" or that new and motivating "hope" that I found...If I dont choose now, I will have to lose both of you and left myself alone again..."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Week...Sucks being not Invited..+.+

Wake up!!!!!! The Royal Wedding In UK....Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's wedding is gonna be the Wedding Of The Century in our very time...Most people pressumed that this is going to be another " Normal girl who fell in love(nobody rises in love) with a Prince" fairytale..The difference is its not a Fairytale, this is the real deal ><.... A toast to them!!!

So yeah, just came back from Tesco, I drove there with my parents, gotta try the new KFC chicken Chop Value Meal....Seriously, if you are only a hardcore KFC food lover, this is a meal for you..Chicken meat is boneless and tasty, small portion but the side dishes( Wedges and corn) with a free drink(Mountain Dew) helps to make the dish balance....The downside? Black Pepper sauce is still tasteless and Aweful(Despite having a lots of mushrooms) and the presentation of the meal is kind of plain...So if your the type who wants to find a really good chicken chop meal...This so call "Value Meal" is seriously not your type....3.5/5 stars....

Gotta talk to the "person" today...Chatted for a while...I dont know if this is true, but that "person" is acting cold at me again...Seriously, I felt that the more often we chatted, our relationship gets worst....Sigh, I seriously have no idea when encountering with you....It seems that you are trying to avoid me, treat me like I am not suitable for you, or something....Well, I just have to stay positive for now...But seriously, if you have to insist of keeping up with this attitude...I dont mind losing you, just to save my sanity from being stolen away....Giving up is not about losing everything that u tried, but it is about having the strongest strength of letting you go away..

"There are thousand of girls out there waiting for me...Though it seems that you are the one for me...However, feelings and trust intercept with our personalities and differences, I have to accept the fact that it would not have a very happy ending for us both....Cause you have your visions, where a piece of me is not in your mind....Therefore my dear, I have to let you go away, if it hurts too much for me, in order to let my soul unhurt and able myself to have the courage and venture this story of mine...."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Forturna, Eisdeina, Dissidia, Calleigh...

Yeah...A few days just happened so fast...Lots of incidents happen and go...Making up my mind to stick with college life instead of F6 adi....So yeah...I wanna feel the new breath again...If I screw it up during the past, let me make some redemptions in the present and make achievements in the future...So yeah...College life continues...^^

Yeah...Thinking of changing myself...Ever since that "person" told me lots of things about me...I been thinking, I have wasted so much time not realising how good or special I am...I keep thinking my mistakes, flaws, doubts and worries...Which makes no effort to move forward or keep going....

Yeah...Now I seen the true objective or vision on what I am suppose to do...I know I mess things up for the past few years, but this is a totally new chapter in my life..I can amend things now since I am mature and mentally strong enough to "think"...So yeah...The new blaze has awaken in me..No more thinking of the past(Though we were taught to look back at the past to prevent any misfortunes to happen) too much, get my gear ready and move forward with confidence and hard work...^^

Still the best of the best.