Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Week...Sucks being not Invited..+.+

Wake up!!!!!! The Royal Wedding In UK....Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's wedding is gonna be the Wedding Of The Century in our very time...Most people pressumed that this is going to be another " Normal girl who fell in love(nobody rises in love) with a Prince" fairytale..The difference is its not a Fairytale, this is the real deal ><.... A toast to them!!!

So yeah, just came back from Tesco, I drove there with my parents, gotta try the new KFC chicken Chop Value Meal....Seriously, if you are only a hardcore KFC food lover, this is a meal for you..Chicken meat is boneless and tasty, small portion but the side dishes( Wedges and corn) with a free drink(Mountain Dew) helps to make the dish balance....The downside? Black Pepper sauce is still tasteless and Aweful(Despite having a lots of mushrooms) and the presentation of the meal is kind of plain...So if your the type who wants to find a really good chicken chop meal...This so call "Value Meal" is seriously not your type....3.5/5 stars....

Gotta talk to the "person" today...Chatted for a while...I dont know if this is true, but that "person" is acting cold at me again...Seriously, I felt that the more often we chatted, our relationship gets worst....Sigh, I seriously have no idea when encountering with you....It seems that you are trying to avoid me, treat me like I am not suitable for you, or something....Well, I just have to stay positive for now...But seriously, if you have to insist of keeping up with this attitude...I dont mind losing you, just to save my sanity from being stolen away....Giving up is not about losing everything that u tried, but it is about having the strongest strength of letting you go away..

"There are thousand of girls out there waiting for me...Though it seems that you are the one for me...However, feelings and trust intercept with our personalities and differences, I have to accept the fact that it would not have a very happy ending for us both....Cause you have your visions, where a piece of me is not in your mind....Therefore my dear, I have to let you go away, if it hurts too much for me, in order to let my soul unhurt and able myself to have the courage and venture this story of mine...."

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