Saturday, June 4, 2011

I say Hello, Then Goodbye, its gone Forever..

If you are reading this update right now, GRATZ!!! You just wasted 13 mins of ur life reading this and trying to understand..I hope u can gain something or not...I kinda get confused on my own texts these days...Not really into blogging these days since there is nothing nice to write..But I kinda promise to myself to not let this blog back to its graveyard...And everything in my life requires writing, LOTS of writing...

So yeah, this week was kinda hectic..Went back to Penang for a short trip, went to Mid Valley for a short vacation there..There was a giant Pirate Ship in the Shopping Mall where everyone was taking pictures wif it..If ur wondering whats taht about, Its actually the Pirates of the Carribean movie event...SO yeah...I took some photos there wif my Sis and we had a great time reading lots of comic books and magazines at MPH...

My feelings? Hmm..Nothing much really...But there is one theory which I felt is most related towards me...I have a feeling that I am constantly falling for the wrong girls..No, Seriously..This aint a Taliban Joke or something....Everytime I had feelings for that particular girl, she would either a)Take me as her buddy, b)Take me as her best friend c) TAke me as her teammate. Well, I know the answers are pretty just the same, the conclusion is: The girl that I am Truly, Madly, Deeply in love until I could just fall down towards her heels..Just treats me as a social or lifetime friend..Maybe its because of my attitude? Or maybe she is interested in someone else?

Man..if this keeps going on..I rather be GFL(GAy-For-Life) XD...Just Kidding..

Hmm..I am going to have an upcoming week of HELL...Assignments and events to attend or handle, with my slacking mood right now..Aint a perfect chemistry to mix with...However, I believe in myself if i just keep working hard and moving forward..I will defeat all boundaries in my task list..And maybe, I could just preoccupied myself in order to reduce her "image" in my mind.. :)

Still the best of the best.