Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random update...On what I feel^^

Lol...I havent been updating my blog since a time adi...Guess i have nothing to fret about or anything to share...Well I guess its a time to share things now huh? :)

Last Saturday was a memorable one, gotta do a BBQ gathering at my friend's house..All our old school gang came back and had a very great time there..Yeah..they should be..After this gathering, everyone( I mean Everyone) will open a new chapter in their lives. Some will go to college from different states, others will tend to continue through the government's education system, and some will be going overseas. Looks like everyone going to start forgetting everyone soon..Haha..I hope not, cause for me, my chapter started earlier and yeah, the memories still remain in our hearts and the photographs that we took together. Sounded like a "The End" ? Nah...it sounded more like a "To be continued" title..^^

So yeah, I am elected as the Chairperson/President of my college course...Thanks again for those who voted me and trusted me as their leader...I hope i will do my very best in order to acheive everyone's needs and dreams for this course...Which means more work for me XD...Anyway, I am liking it..As long i am not slacking or something :/

Hmm..I wouldnt wanna write anymore emo stuff or stupid love mysteries stories for now...I wonder why? Maybe its because I am too slacking or lazy to get into any situations? Or maybe I heard alot of love trouble stories from my classmates(Really awesome than those Korean Shows..JKJK)? Or maybe, I just wanna know that "person" slowly and by step by step. Haha, that "person", maybe its time for me to tell everyone about who is that "person" is? I really wanted to tell her how I feel for her, despite our time factor and not knowing her too well...I dont mind her rejecting me or not accepting me due to all the constrains...I just wanna express it all to her to show her that I actually...Have special feelings for her from the day we chatted, the day we ate lunch together and many more days we had...

Yeah yeah yeah, I know u might think that this is just my imaginary dream for her to accept me and the possibility of having a "happy ending" is 1%..I have figured that out already and I know if I do not do that, I will be left there hanging with many question marks and becoming clueless on how I feel towards her, most importantly, how she feels towards me...Yeah, I might ended up being heartbroken due to answers and stuff...But like I said, never try never know, and even if it fails, I dont mind being that "person"'s best friend cause I want her to know, that there is someone she could trust in her life...

And I tend to be that "someone" :)

Anyway, WTH i am writing all these down? NObody is gonna READ it or watever..I have to tag my loyal followers which in return..Only understand quarter of the story that i had written lol...Btw..There are no comments..><...SO much for genarating the talent of the youth...Genarate my AR*E....Thats more like it..^^..

Hey!! I am being myself for the 1st time when writing this blog...Wow...feels so great and peaceful...Haha..its good to be back to me..^^..Guess this is my trueself I have been looking for? Who knows?? :)

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